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Henry the Dud

Okay this is just my humble opinion, but I started watching “The Tudors” mini series.  Despite the handsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry the VIII, the back room political machinations of Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey and all the lusty costumed sex scenes, I fell asleep mid way through the second episode.  I just wasn’t buying it.  I did not get the sense from Henry’s character of how stubborn, reckless and ultimately dangerous a man he would become. He could have been any spoiled frat boy, merely annoying or inconvenient in his behavior, not someone whose indiscretions would effect the entire world.

For my money the PBS series “The Six Wives of Henry the VIII” is a better reflection of the life and loves of the Tudor king.  Phillipa Gregory’s “The Boleyn Inheritance” is an absolutely hair raising portrait of life with Henry the VIII and how for his queens it required a combination of political savvy and luck to keep their heads.

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A Makeover?

Due to the economy and a host of other factors, it looks like there will be no new library any time soon.  I’m thinking maybe five, ten years down the road.  In light of that circumstance, I am contacting  some professional interior designers to see what can be done with the library we have.  The furniture and carpeting are all original 1978 and are looking a little worn and sad.  The fire marshall’s have found our floorplan not in compliance with ADA and we are just squeezed all to heck in the staff room. 

So a little sprucing up and rearranging of things will be in the works.  Stay tuned to see what happens.

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Overheard at the Library

Overheard at the Library…

An intense discussion of presidential politics and the upcoming election. From what I caught of the conversation they felt Obama had the best chance of winning, however they were also very sure that the country was not ready for an African American president and that he would most likely be assassinated by racists. 

The participants in this mini caucus were two ten year old boys!


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meteorological mayhem

The tornadoes that struck the south last week were awful.  I was just reading about them on the Weather Channel website and the expert Dr. Greg Forbes said it was the most deadly outbreak since May 31st 1985 when a series of tornadoes killed 76 people in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.I lived in Ohio at the time and remember that day vividly. 

Growing up in a tornado prone area, weather has always frightened and fascinated me. Dr. Forbes’ mention of the 1985 tornadoes made me remember an excellent book about that day.   “Tornado Watch #211” by John G. Fuller.  It is a factual account about a deadly tornado outbreak from the perspective of the weather offices, the news media, public safety and the people in the path of the storm.  It is a very easy read, not boring or overly technical and it gets very personal about the lives of those effected by the storm. 

Highly recommended for weather buffs.

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Lots of Books!

We are over flowing with donations!  I’m not sure where people are getting all these books, but we are swamped.  Thanks for for thinking of us!  We’ve managed to add a few to the collection, but we really don’t need 50 copies of the latest Danielle Steel. Luckily for us, the Friends of the Parma Public Library have a used bookstore now right across the street. 

Mainly Books is located at 24 Main St. in Hilton.  Since it is a strictly volunteer operation their hours are

Monday 10-1 and 4-7

Wed 4-7

Sat. 10-1

They are always looking for more volunteers to help sort the books and man the store. All proceeds help the library to buy fun things our regular budget doesn’t cover. 

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It’s Not Just Us!

Irondequoit is under going a similar location issue in their quest for a new library.  A citizens group has posted this video to YouTube of the top ten reasons why the two small neighborhood libraries on either side of town shouldn’t consolidate into one centrally located library.

This is a very passionate group and I love the fact that they are so interested in their local library.  However, I’m not sure they’ve done their homework.  We have a lot of statistics on recent library building projects in Monroe County and none of the circulation has ever gone down because someone built a new space. In fact it attracts a lot more people to come use the space.

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We Have Friends!

One of my big goals for this library has finally been met!

We now have an official Friends of the Parma Public Library.

A meeting was held Tuesday, September 11 and officers were elected.  The Friends will be helping out with our booksale and other fundraising efforts and events on the Library’s behalf. 

Friends are very important to the health of any public library. Friends groups in other towns raise thousands of dollars to support special programs that the general budget does not cover.

If you are interested in volunteering, the Friends will be having their next meeting October 9 at 7pm.

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