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Digging up your relatives

Attention genealogists!

We have just added to our databases.  Ancestry is available at the Library and will allow you to search census records, ship’s passenger lists, war service records and a host of other documents to fill in the leaves on your family tree.

The Monroe County Library System already carries Heritage Quest and the two used together are a powerful genealogical research tool. 

If you are shy about computers, don’t worry we can help you get started.

We are very excited to try out this database courtesy of a grant from Assemblyman Stephen Hawley.

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The Price You Pay

No one likes paying taxes, especially when most of us have no clue how the money is being spent. So I just thought I’d give you a break down of the cost of library service.

For the Town of Parma per capita cost is about $31.33 year. 

That $31.33  will get you as many books and DVDs as you want, not to mention internet access, programs and those accursed tax forms.

That’s a bargain if you put it in real world terms.  A year’s subscription to Netflix for two DVDs a month would cost $180.  One hard cover book and a mochachinno at B&N would cost you about $26.

Average cost around the county for libraries per person , $36.23.  Fairport spends the most at $54.42. Hamlin the least $17.31

And please don’t say “we don’t need libraries, everything is on the internet”, because a lot of that information is suspect (Joe’s Free Medical or will cost you extra(Consumer Reports online). 

Even if you don’t use the library isn’t it worth it to know that your neighbors kids are and not riding their bikes across your newly weeded and seeded lawn?

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A New Library?

Not just a library, but a community center! We are partnering with the Hilton Parma Recreation Department for a one stop shopping experience.  Drop the kids off across the hall at the recreation department for a craft and come over to the library and indulge in grownup conversation at a book discussion group.  Or, play volleyball while the kids are in the library doing their homework. Convenience and the biggest bang for your tax bucks are what we are shooting for with this project.

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The Hilton Fire

I was forwarded this interesting video by Don Wells our town assessor. It must have been done a couple years ago, but it’s an interesting little piece on the fire that destroyed the better part of the village business district about 40 years ago. The Library owns a copy of the book mentioned in the piece, Hilton Fire Department 1897-1997: a continuing history book II. The photos in the book don’t really bring home the extent of the destruction captured in the video.

Check out the video here.

Every once and a while I come across an old book that was clearly a fire survivor with the marks of smoke and water damage on it.

Thanks Don for sharing a bit of history!

For more information about the Fire Department, including information about the building project, go here.

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Here it is folks! I’ve jumped on the electronic bandwagon and started a blog. Hopefully I will be able to keep you up to date with the happenings here at PPL. The quality of the blog should improve as I learn how to manipulate the pictures, etc.

I’m trying to some interesting pictures for the front page, but unfortunately when I search Google Images under Parma, I keep getting images of Parma, Ohio. Parma, Ohio also has a Parma Public Library and I have frequently gotten emails from people desperate to renew their books only to realize that these people were trying to contact the library in Ohio. Being the nice person that I am, I let them know their mistake and give them the correct address. Alas, I can do nothing about their late fees.

The other problem I have with Google Images is searching under Hilton. This results in image after image of Paris Hilton, usually in some state of carefully choreographed undress. While interesting to some people, I didn’ t really think that was the image the library was going for.

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