The Bike Rack

This is going to be a whiny post, so just prepare yourself.

In the past years we’ve had several calls to the library and to the town supervisor about purchasing a bike rack.  Finally I broke down and spent the $300 required to get one, trying to be responsive to the community’s needs and all, then the staff and I put it together and placed it. Keep in mind that all of us are female and mostly over 40 and this thing is large and metal.

On the very first day it was up, an adult rode their bike to the library and bypassed the lovely new bike rack to park her bike right in front on the doors.  I had to remind her that we had a wonderful bike rack and could she please use it.  Today I was outside and only two out of the five bikes were parked in the rack.

People just defy logic sometimes, but I guess it’s just too much effort to properly park your bike or lock it.  Contrary to popular belief, Hilton is not a crime free zone and those unlocked bicycles are going to prove to be a temptation to someone. 

 With gas prices so high, used bikes are a pretty hot ticket, just so you are aware…

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