A Dog’s Eye View

I just finished listening to, the “The Art of Racing In the Rain”  by Garth Stein on a Recorded Books CD.  Awesome story!  The book features the musings of Enzo, an evolved mutt who is sure that once he leaves his doggie life behind, he will be reborn as a man.  He saw it on a National Geographic special on TV and surely NatGeo wouldn’t lie!

When Enzo is not filling up his days watching TV, (the Speed Channel being a particular favorite) he is commenting on the peculiarties of his human family, Denny, Eve and Zoe with wry humor.  Denny is trying to pursue his dream of becoming a race car driver while he and Eve are raising daughter Zoe.  When the family is struck by tragedy, Enzo, who is the only one who knows the truth, finds himself horribly frustrated by his inability to assist Denny.

Poignant, funny and a great read for race fans and dog lovers.

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