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The Survey

The results of the community survey came out and the issues of interest to most people seem to be parking and cost to develop the site for the community center/library project. 

I think the survey will not be given much weight because people were not given enough time to participate. It was done by a volunteer (Sarah Warmbrodt) as a project for college and had to adhere to her professor’s timeline for grading.  It seemed like a pretty thorough and well organized survey though and was presented in a very professional manner. 

We have a copy in the library for the  public to view in case you are interested.

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Overheard at the Library

Overheard at the Library…

An intense discussion of presidential politics and the upcoming election. From what I caught of the conversation they felt Obama had the best chance of winning, however they were also very sure that the country was not ready for an African American president and that he would most likely be assassinated by racists. 

The participants in this mini caucus were two ten year old boys!


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