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meteorological mayhem

The tornadoes that struck the south last week were awful.  I was just reading about them on the Weather Channel website and the expert Dr. Greg Forbes said it was the most deadly outbreak since May 31st 1985 when a series of tornadoes killed 76 people in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.I lived in Ohio at the time and remember that day vividly. 

Growing up in a tornado prone area, weather has always frightened and fascinated me. Dr. Forbes’ mention of the 1985 tornadoes made me remember an excellent book about that day.   “Tornado Watch #211” by John G. Fuller.  It is a factual account about a deadly tornado outbreak from the perspective of the weather offices, the news media, public safety and the people in the path of the storm.  It is a very easy read, not boring or overly technical and it gets very personal about the lives of those effected by the storm. 

Highly recommended for weather buffs.

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