Blood and vodka

“Sweeney Todd”. 

Even though it’s a musical, “Oklahoma!” it is not, people!  The body count was amazingly high and the death frighteningly realistic and the blood, sooo much blood.  I have a pretty high tolerance for gore, but, wow! 

Aside from the mayhem, Johnny Depp is a fair singer, the rest of the cast of distinguished English actor types really good.  The movie was enjoyable, beautiful even, but not for the faint of heart.

“Eastern Promises”

A midwife helps deliver the baby of an unidentified Russian teenager. The girl dies in childbirth, but leaves a diary among her belongings.  The midwife hopes to translate the diary and find the baby’s relatives.  She turns to a the owner of a local restaurant for help and brushes dangerously close running afoul of the Russian mob. 

Viggo Mortensen who is best known as Aragorn from “Lord of the Rings” has won an Oscar nod for his role as a lower level mobster.  My guess is the academy is recognizing the sheer guts it took for him to do the scene in the steam bath where he fights off two other mobsters who are trying to kill him.  Lots of scenes like this in movies, what’s the big deal, you say?Well, Viggo did it in the buff.  That is one secure dude!

Aside from admiring Viggo’s, ahem, “acting” the movie had very little pay off in the end.  It built up for a long time and we were offered the resolution we had hoped for, but felt we didn’t get to actually witness the final showdown.  It left me wondering how much film was left on the cutting room floor.

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