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Location, location, location

That has been the theme ever since we started thinking about the combined library/community center project. So far the majority of people we have heard from want the library to stay in the village.

I’m curious. Is a there group out there that disagrees?

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We’ve been conducting focus groups here at the Library this week related to our expansion project.  We identified a few key users and sent out some invitations.  We had a great response and all the sessions have been filled.  We are excited that so many people are interested in the project!

During the sessions we asked what people thought of the library building and what could be improved.  People wanted more space for books, more space for meetings, more programs and activities and better parking.  A couple people even suggested a drive up bookdrop.

If you couldn’t make it or didn’t get invited don’t feel bad, these are just the beginning stages. There will be public meetings to coming up to review the possible design a new building before there is a public vote.

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