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Community Input

As we head toward the building project and try and figure out our needs, (more space in the work room so we don’t go home with bruised legs from walking into furniture) we’d love to hear from you, the library user.

What do you want and need at the library? What should the physical space be like? What would make you come in and be comfortable?

Please give us an email at parmainfo@libraryweb.org and let us know. Dream big! If you don’t ask you don’t get.

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Moving forward.

The contracts have been signed with The DeWolff Partnership Architects for the design and location study for the community center project. The study will take into account the space needs of the library and how they will mesh with the recreation department and come up with floorplans and drawings of what the building might look like. They are also studying to two possible sites, the current community center on Henry St. and the Town Hall complex.

If you want to see what DeWolff has done as far as libraries check out the Pittsford Community Library.


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A New Library?

Not just a library, but a community center! We are partnering with the Hilton Parma Recreation Department for a one stop shopping experience.  Drop the kids off across the hall at the recreation department for a craft and come over to the library and indulge in grownup conversation at a book discussion group.  Or, play volleyball while the kids are in the library doing their homework. Convenience and the biggest bang for your tax bucks are what we are shooting for with this project.

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