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The Booksale

On Thursday 3/29 we will be having our “preview” of the booksale for the Friends of the Library. If you are not a friend and you want to be, you can join for $5 on the day of the sale. The booksale opens to the general public on Friday, 3/30 and runs through Tuesday, 4/3

Watch for the super value “bag sale” days!

Thanks to the Teen Advisory Group for helping to set up the sale. Fueled by cookies, they spent a couple hours emptying boxes and lining up books on the tables.

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Here it is folks! I’ve jumped on the electronic bandwagon and started a blog. Hopefully I will be able to keep you up to date with the happenings here at PPL. The quality of the blog should improve as I learn how to manipulate the pictures, etc.

I’m trying to some interesting pictures for the front page, but unfortunately when I search Google Images under Parma, I keep getting images of Parma, Ohio. Parma, Ohio also has a Parma Public Library and I have frequently gotten emails from people desperate to renew their books only to realize that these people were trying to contact the library in Ohio. Being the nice person that I am, I let them know their mistake and give them the correct address. Alas, I can do nothing about their late fees.

The other problem I have with Google Images is searching under Hilton. This results in image after image of Paris Hilton, usually in some state of carefully choreographed undress. While interesting to some people, I didn’ t really think that was the image the library was going for.

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