One + One = Less

A citizen proposal is floating about two have two libraries, one in the village and one at the town hall, in the hopes that it will settle the location issue of where to put a new library once and for all.  The idea does have some merit, a Solomon like solution to the issue of library ownership, however it may end up killing the baby.

Unless the taxpayers vote in favor of supporting two buildings,purchasing two copies of every single title and paying more staff, splitting the library in two will result in reduced services and hours.  We’ve been trying to consolidate our efforts with the recreation department to save taxpayer money, not create more spending.  The distance between the village and town hall is a distance of two miles, easy driving or biking. Perhaps money should be spent finding ways to link the two areas of activity with a bike path.

I’m just saying.

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The Bike Rack

This is going to be a whiny post, so just prepare yourself.

In the past years we’ve had several calls to the library and to the town supervisor about purchasing a bike rack.  Finally I broke down and spent the $300 required to get one, trying to be responsive to the community’s needs and all, then the staff and I put it together and placed it. Keep in mind that all of us are female and mostly over 40 and this thing is large and metal.

On the very first day it was up, an adult rode their bike to the library and bypassed the lovely new bike rack to park her bike right in front on the doors.  I had to remind her that we had a wonderful bike rack and could she please use it.  Today I was outside and only two out of the five bikes were parked in the rack.

People just defy logic sometimes, but I guess it’s just too much effort to properly park your bike or lock it.  Contrary to popular belief, Hilton is not a crime free zone and those unlocked bicycles are going to prove to be a temptation to someone. 

 With gas prices so high, used bikes are a pretty hot ticket, just so you are aware…

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Henry the Dud

Okay this is just my humble opinion, but I started watching “The Tudors” mini series.  Despite the handsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry the VIII, the back room political machinations of Sam Neill as Cardinal Wolsey and all the lusty costumed sex scenes, I fell asleep mid way through the second episode.  I just wasn’t buying it.  I did not get the sense from Henry’s character of how stubborn, reckless and ultimately dangerous a man he would become. He could have been any spoiled frat boy, merely annoying or inconvenient in his behavior, not someone whose indiscretions would effect the entire world.

For my money the PBS series “The Six Wives of Henry the VIII” is a better reflection of the life and loves of the Tudor king.  Phillipa Gregory’s “The Boleyn Inheritance” is an absolutely hair raising portrait of life with Henry the VIII and how for his queens it required a combination of political savvy and luck to keep their heads.

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Changing Parma

Cathy stumbled upon this blog yesterday. It was pretty interesting to read.  I will add it to our links, but just remember, the blog was written by an independent citizen and …

“It’s views do not represent in any way the opinions of the Parma Public Library, it’s officers or trustees”

Unless of course he says something like “build a new library now!”  we’ll cop to that.

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A Makeover?

Due to the economy and a host of other factors, it looks like there will be no new library any time soon.  I’m thinking maybe five, ten years down the road.  In light of that circumstance, I am contacting  some professional interior designers to see what can be done with the library we have.  The furniture and carpeting are all original 1978 and are looking a little worn and sad.  The fire marshall’s have found our floorplan not in compliance with ADA and we are just squeezed all to heck in the staff room. 

So a little sprucing up and rearranging of things will be in the works.  Stay tuned to see what happens.

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Another Kind of Literacy

Libraries are always making the big push for literacy. Of course, it’s our mission, we are all about reading, it’s a survival skill and it’s in our best self interest because if people don’t read, we have no reason to exist.  However I think libraries should think about delving into a new area of literacy, financial literacy.  Isn’t it just as important to understand the implications of your credit card interest rate as it is to be able to read the bill?

The country is in crisis from the collapse of the housing market.  Lots of people took on more debt than they could handle or took huge risks thinking they could turn a quick profit.  Why?  No financial literacy skills.  There aren’t many classes in the schools and if your parents didn’t teach you about credit and mortgages and investing, who will? Perhaps this is a new area librarians could explore, teaching finance along with reading.  Financial literacy is vital, yet ridiculously neglected, life skill.   To that end, I’ve found a great personal finance blog,

It’s advice is sane, conservative and sound. no get rich quick schemes or tricky investments.  Good place to check out if you are trying to get your financial life in order. There are interesting articles, calculators, reader commentary and book recommendations. Best of all, it’s free. 

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A Dog’s Eye View

I just finished listening to, the “The Art of Racing In the Rain”  by Garth Stein on a Recorded Books CD.  Awesome story!  The book features the musings of Enzo, an evolved mutt who is sure that once he leaves his doggie life behind, he will be reborn as a man.  He saw it on a National Geographic special on TV and surely NatGeo wouldn’t lie!

When Enzo is not filling up his days watching TV, (the Speed Channel being a particular favorite) he is commenting on the peculiarties of his human family, Denny, Eve and Zoe with wry humor.  Denny is trying to pursue his dream of becoming a race car driver while he and Eve are raising daughter Zoe.  When the family is struck by tragedy, Enzo, who is the only one who knows the truth, finds himself horribly frustrated by his inability to assist Denny.

Poignant, funny and a great read for race fans and dog lovers.

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